Workshop On E-Learning and Digital Marketing Skills for Achieving Leadership Excellence – December, 2018

The London Graduate School and Commonwealth University wishes to invite you to the e-learning workshop taking place in Dubai from December 11 – 13, 2018. This workshop promises to be a game changer in your operations.

Today’s learning and education processes have changed dramatically. What used to be an excellent teaching and learning methods 5 years ago cannot work well in our present day. Indeed, the changes are happening at a breath-taking pace. If you are the Vice Chancellor or President of your University, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian or a Senior Academic playing a leadership role in your institution, you need to acquire new skills so as to effectively help your team to shape the new direction. The London Graduate School and the Commonwealth University are leading a consortium to deliver a workshop on E-Learning skills. The workshop shall hold as follows:

Theme: E-Learning and Digital Marketing Skills for Achieving Leadership Excellence.

Venue: Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Al Fahid Street (Opposite Dubai Museum), Bur Dubai

Date: October 11-13. (Three (3) Days Intensive Seminar).

Time: 9:00m to 5:00pm Daily.

Workshop Fee: Slashed From $5,500 down to $3000.

Within 3 Days Intensive Learning, you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of E-Learning that is quite adequate for you to understand and lead current trends. With this understanding, you can confidently lead your team to the new paradigm of teaching and knowledge acquisition.

The Reward for Leaders in Educational Institutions, CEOs and Top Executives Who Will Attend this Workshop.
Number 1: Award of UNESCO Certificate in E-Learning
Number 2: Nomination to Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree.
The challenges of Leadership in Universities and similar institutions are daunting, to say the least. Those of you who have been leading your organizations successfully for many years deserve praise, appreciation and recognition of the highest order. The Commonwealth University appreciates persons of your status who are willing to share their knowledge and perspectives with others. It is the clash of ideas that results from this process that leads to best practice and excellence. For their willingness to contribute to this process, delegates of high status like you will be eligible to receive the Honorary Doctor of Education. This is an honor reserved to highly accomplished persons who are making a difference in their career, business or contributing to the development of their communities or countries.

Number 3: Gift of Three Books on E-Learning History has shown that those who make a difference in society are inventors, thinkers and Innovators who are after knowledge. By deciding to attend the workshop, you would have shown unusual quality of being ready to learn new ways of improving Education, Teaching and Learning in modern society, which is hyped by digital technology.

Number 4: Eligibility to Receive UNESCO Certificate in ICT Education
Top Faculty members of the Commonwealth University are certified by UNESCO as persons equipped to teach E-Learning to others. By attending this workshop you will gain essential skills in E-Learning, Making you eligible to receive the prestigious UNESCO Certificate in E-Learning Essentials and Decisions Making.

Number 5: Member of Commonwealth Academy, London. By attending this workshop, you will become full member of Information and Communication Technology (MCAICT).

Please confirm your interest by send an email to You can also call our Director of Programmes on +44 778 677 6802. We look forward to receiving your confirmation of attendance soon.