Online Leadership Summit

About the Event

The Online Open Distance Learning Leadership Seminar

The impact of COVID-19 on leaders and managers have been devastating, to say the least. A time like this demands a leader to engage in reflection and thinking about the way forward. The London Graduate School-Commonwealth University Consortium has stepped forward to facilitate a seminar that will bring leaders together to share perspectives and experiences to chat the way forward in view of the devastating effect of COVID-19.

Details Of the Events

Summit Theme: Growth and Sustainability: TAKE ACTION TO GO FORWARD.

Summit Dates:

  • February 19 – March 5, 2021
  • May 28 – June 11, 2021
  • August 27 – September 10, 2021
  • November 22 – December 3, 2021
  • February 21 – March 4, 2022

Registration: In Progress Right Now

Conference Co-ordinating Centre: London – online via private Zoom link

Summit Fees: Reduced from US$5,500 to US$3,500

Both the London Graduate School is strong on leadership and management coaching, teaching and research.

Under normal circumstances, we usually convene our seminars, workshops, and conferences by bringing people together who come from different countries and who have to travel to our conference destinations such as London, Dubai, Edinburgh, Singapore, Addis Ababa, or Johannesburg. However, COVID-19 has succeeded in locking us down in our individual countries, cities, and homes. Notwithstanding, we need to go forward as leaders. The way forward in this circumstance is to hold a highly interactive and impactful leadership seminar via online open distance learning.

Key Topics

1. Leadership and Change
2. The 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell
3. Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
4. Ethical Issues Confronting Leaders
5. Decision Making for Leaders When Things Go Wrong
6. Succession Planning
7. Culture and Diversity in the Workplace
8. The Power of Team of Work
9. Vision as Strategy for Dramatic Change
10. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
11. Managing Change
12. Human Resource Utilization
13. Corporate Governance & Sustainability
14. Redefining Leadership in the New Decade
15. Building an Effective Multigenerational Workplace
16. Mentoring: An Effective Tool for Sustainable Leadership
17. Practice of Management Case Study – Dilemma

At the end of these programmes, we find that most Virtual/Distance Learning participants achieve considerable insight into the Leadership and Management issues in focus.

Finally, the Virtual/Distance Learning participants graduate from the Dubai Leadership Summit. They are awarded the Master Class Certificate of Participation. They are also granted the Honorary Doctorate Degree in recognition of their Life-Time achievements in their professional/occupational field of endeavor by the Commonwealth University.

Exceptional Cases
In running the past Online Distance Learning seminars, we found that some delegates had difficulty in participating in the Zoom conference sessions because of their tight schedules or for some other peculiar reasons.

For this reason, we are making this programme flexible to make it possible for a prospective delegate who falls in this category to participate by receiving course materials and answering questions that come along with them. Those who elect to use this method can complete the programme within a few days of receiving the course materials by answering all the questions and returning to the institution.

As soon as the university receives the feedback answer from delegates who chose this method, their work will be reviewed, and they will graduate with the Masterclass certificate in management and leadership. Furthermore, those who graduate through this method are still welcome to participate in the zoom conference sessions on the occasions that they are available.

Those who have accepted and participated in the Virtual/Distance Learning option are welcome to attend the physical conference whenever the obstacles created by COVID-19 are resolved. If you have attended this workshop by Open Distance Learning you will pay only USD1,000 to participate in the physical seminar.