Universidad Azteca in Mexico
Universidad Azteca is a private university with recognition of the Official Validity of Studies awarded by the Federal Ministry of Education of the Republic and recognized by the Federal Government (SECRETARIA DE EDUCACION PUBLICA, SEP) to award University degrees. Azteca University has several international accreditations that guarantee the quality and excellence of its higher education programmes.

Commonwealth University of Business, Arts & Technology (CUB)
The Commonwealth University is a corporate professional private distance learning university registered in the City of Panama. It Is a non-traditional university that is globally focused and has its international office in London at the London Graduate School office. The Articles of Charter under which the Commonwealth University operates grant the institution the general and specific powers to operate as a university promoting learning, research, and excellence.

Online Business School
The London Graduate School is an overseas representative of the Online Business School programmes for students who wish to study for a degree or MBA from UK Universities via the Online Business School.

École Superieure Universities – Cotonou
Commonwealth University in partnership with St Clements University have established a university in Cotonou – École Superieure Universitaire St Clements & Commonwealth Cotonou. ESU is one of the sixteen (16) new private universities approved by the government of the Republic of Benin. It is fully accredited by the Government of the Republic of Benin.

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica
The London Graduate School and the Commonwealth University have entered into strategic alliances with a number of universities in what is called Dual Degree partnership. In this arrangement, any student who completes the Commonwealth University Degree and who wishes to avail himself or herself of the Dual Degree programme will complete the Assessment Documents and the entire transcript and evidence of work such as completed assignments and dissertation shall be submitted for further assessment and upon satisfactory result will receive another degree from the Dual Degree Partner. The dual degree partner universities are recognized and accredited by their home government and are also listed on the UNESCO Handbook of universities.

Aldersgate College
Universidad Aldersgate in Philippines is one of our dual degree partner universities recognized and accredited by their home government and is also listed on the UNESCO Handbook of universities. Universidad Aldersgate is a 21st Century University transforming a global network of Learners for enlightenment, leadership and human service.

98 Ft. Pte. Ltd, Singapore
98 Ft. Pte. Ltd, Singapore is the local host for the London Graduate School and Commonwealth University Top Executive Leadership and Management Seminars.

St Clements University
Commonwealth University and St Clements University work in partnership to deliver work-based learning and executive education courses.