Tuition Fees for Degree Programmes

Tuition Fees for Degree Programmes
NameRange of FeesMinimum DurationEntry Requirement
B.A or B.Sc Degree$ 8,800From 24 MonthsTwo Years Diploma
MBA Degree$ 9,500From 12 MonthsBachelors
M.Sc. Degree$ 9,800From 15 MonthsBachelors
Executive MBA Degree$ 10,500From 9 MonthsBachelor
Doctorate Degree$ 13,500From 24 MonthsMasters

*The Good Faith Deposit of $ 700 is refundable if the candidate is not admitted. It becomes part of the tuition if the candidate is admitted.

Seminar fees for the leadership summits
Dubai Leadership Summit$ 5500.00
London Top Executive Leadership and Management Seminar$ 5500.00
Tuition Fees for Certificates and Diplomas
Certificate of Attainment$ 2000.00
Certificate of Competence$ 2000.00
Certificate of Professional Studies$ 2500.00
Certificate in Management Studies$ 2500.00
Diploma$ 2500.00
Advanced Diploma$ 3500.00
Post-Graduate Diploma$ 3500.00
Executive Coaching Programmes

$ 3500.00 for Diploma, Masterclass Certificate and Advanced Diploma

Other Charges
Application Fee$ 100.00
Application to Graduate$ 200.00
Request for Transcript$ 200.00
Annual Renewal of Registration$ 200.00