Water Transport Accident And Emergency Management

Designed For

Cargo and Shipping Managers, Logistics Coordinators, Shipping Administrators, Business Development Managers (freight f0Marding), security officers, shipping development officers.


At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, be able to:
1. List common causes of accidents and emergency situation in transportation.
2. Identify the most common accidents in Nigerian water transportation system.
3. Explain accident and emergency management procedures.
4. Apply skills in the management of accidents and emergency situation in water transportation.
5. Identify best practice in accident and emergency management in water transportation.

Key Topics

1. Human versus physical error in water transportation
2. The law of floatation in water transportation
3. Common cause of ship collusion
4. Effect of depth and water tides on ship operations
5. Search and rescue operation in marine transport
6. The solas convention
7. Emergency management
8. Safety operations
9. Procedure for accident prevention and control in water transport
10. Case study