Shipping and International Trade Dynamics

Designed For

Cargo and Shipping Managers, Logistics Coordinators, Shipping Administrators, Business Development Managers (freight forwarding), shipping development officers.


At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, be able to:
1. Anticipate how the maritime industry impacts on international trade and the global economy.
2. Enhance practical knowledge of the activities and responsibilities related to the management and operation of ships in an international environment.
3. Identify the latest industrial and technological developments in the context of globalization.
4. Explain national policies, governance and operations associated with port and intermodal activities set within the context of a globalized industry.
5. Discover the various shipping markets.
6. Describe the underpinning legal principles that all aspects of maritime law and commercial shipping are built on.
7. Appreciate how marine insurance comes into play when things go wrong and how to protect against costly claims.
8. Develop technical and management shipping industry know edge.
9. Identify current trends in intemational trade and foreign investment.
10. Explain the concepts of export and import practices and procedures.

Key Topics

1. Introduction to Shipping Industry
2. Ship Management Today
3. International Best Practices in Levy on Freight
4. Emerging Issues in Cargo Monitoring & Reconciliation
5. Legal Environment of International Trade
6. Management of International Trade
7. Freight Derivatives
8. Functions & problems of Bill of Lading
9. Carrier Liability & Limitations
10. Port State Control
11. Carbotage- Enforcement Capacity issues in Modern Port Management
12. Safety & Enforcement
13. The Hague
14. Hague-Visby Rules and the Hamburg Rules
16. Procedures for Successful Claims Handling
17. Benchmark Rate Determination: Issues and challenges
18. Risk Management through proper application of Cargo Insurance
19. Shipping and International Trade
20. Interpretation of Manifest
21. Fraud and Related Challenges in Cargo Billing
22. Shipping Management & Customs
23. Legal Aspects, Claims & Insurance
24. Maritime & Intermodal Transport

Course Methodology

The programme emphasizes modem management training techniques of group discussion, case analysis, management games and faculty-led discussions.