Ship Technology Workshop

Designed for

Ship managers, designers, superintendents, surveyors, fleet managers, engineers, quality managers and nautical officers, shipping development officers.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, be able to:
1. Apply codes for machinery components I list
2. Explain Rules & regulations to machinery survey
3. Discuss survey arrangement machinery
4. Discuss System requirements: Types, system & vessel approval
5. Explain Legal framework on maintenance of life-saving appliances and fire-fighting equipment
6. List various repair methods

Key Topics

1. Damages to the Machinery – Survey Simulator
2. Machinery
3. Machinery PMS: Approval Procedure & Survey Arrangement
4. Machinery Survey Requirements
5. Ship Technology Basics
6. Damages to Machinery and Repairs
7. Damages to the Hull Structure
8. Maintenance of Life-Saving Appliances and Fire-Fighting Equipment on Board Seagoing Ships

Course Methodology

The programme emphasizes modern management training techniques of group discussion, case analysis, management games and facultyled discussions.