Ship and Shipping Management

Designed for

Shipping operations manager, management systems manager, risk management executives, first-line supervisors and safety professionals, senior and junior officers on board the ship, superintendents, surveyors, fleet managers, engineers, quality managers, shipping development officers.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, be able to:
1. List current safety management techniques
2. Discuss the impact of international legislation on management strategies in the industry
3. Explain international maritime law
4. Discuss management issues involved in running a shipping operation
5. Explain the role of IT in the strategic development of the maritime enterprise
6. Explain the role of key organizations associated with health, safety and maritime law enforcement in both the shipping and offshore industries.

Key Topics

1. International Maritime Law
2. Maritime Business and IT Strategy
3. Management of Shipping Operations
4. Safety and Enforcement
5. Maritime Operations
6. Transport Geography
7. Managing Financial Information
8. Business Skills Development.
9. Ports and Logistics
10. Chartering Practice
11. Management of Marine Organizations
12. Terminal Planning and Development
13. Supply Chain Management
14. Marine Pollution Management
15. Strategic Marketing and Management

Course Methodology

The programme emphasizes modern management training techniques of group discussion, case analysis, management games and faculty-led discussions.