Maritime Business Foundation

Shipping and Logistics practitioners, Deck Officers, Apprentice Pilots, Ship Security Officer, shipping development officers.


At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, be able to:
1.Discuss the principles and knowledge in shipping and logistics.
2.Explain intemational maritime operations and codes.
3.Explain the fundamentals of Maritime Law as they pertain to authorities, rights, duties and responsibilities in the commercial operation of sea going merchant ships.
4.Develop an awareness of how the law in general and contracts in particular can be used to deal with such maritime operation problems and risks.
5.Identify behavior patterns of individuals likely to threaten security, detecting weapons and calibrating security equipment and systems.
6.Develop a demonstrable knowledge of the maritime and logistics industries, including key components, interdependencies and their management.
7.Develop analytical skills necessary to apply relevant shipping operations and logistics management knowledge to business issues arising in the international maritime and logistics industries.
8.Improve communication skills that enable efficient and effective communication within the maritime and logistics industries.