Marine Safety & Security Management Systems Workshop

Designed for

Safety and loss control executives, risk management executives, operating managers, first-line supervisors and safety professionals, senior and junior officers on board the ship, PSC Officers and vetting inspectors, ship managers, designers, superintendents, surveyors, fleet managers, engineers, quality managers, security officers, shipping development officers.

Course Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, bable to:
1. Explain essential risk management concepts and techniques to enhance health, safety, environmental and business performance.
2. Discuss principles and methods effective Safety Management System.
3. List tools necessary for performing and managing intemal auditing procedures.
4. Explain ISRS assessment requirements.
5. List key models and concepts in Process Safety Management (PSM).
6. Identify typical problems with today’s Safety Management Systems(SMS).
7. Explain the role of the Designated Person (DP) under the provisions of the   ISM Code.

Key Topics

1 . Managing Risks and Risks Recognition.
2. Techniques to enhance health, safety, environmental and business performance.
3. Effectiveness of a Safety Management System based upon the ISM Code.
4. Managing internal auditing procedures.
5. Auditing practices guidance, preparation, execution and follow-up.
6. ISRS assessment methodology.
7. Fundamentals of Process Safety Management (PSM).
8. Internal Auditor ISM-ISPS-MLC for Shipping Companies.
9. Safety Management Systems (SMS) Challenges.
10. The Role of the DPA and its impact on Senior Management.
11. ISM Basics.
12. The role of the Designated Person(DP)under the provisions of the ISM Code.
13. Asset Management and Inspection.
14. Emergency Preparedness Course Methodology The programme emphasizes modem management training techniques of group discussion, case analysis, management games and faculty-led.