Cabotage Compliance Monitoring And Enforcement

Designed For

Cargo and Shipping Managers, Logistics Coordinators, Shipping Administrators, Business Development Managers (freight forwarding, shipping development officers).


At the end of the programme, participants should, among other things, be able to:
1. List obstacles to Cabotage implementation.
2. Discuss Cabotage policies
3. Suggest alternative approaches to Cabotage implementation
4. Discuss environmental and economic factors relating to Cabotage implementation.
5. Suggest the way forward for Cabotage policy management.

Key Topics

1. The Jones Act of 1920.
2. The Nigerian Inland shipping (Cabotage)Act 2003.
3. Guideline for the implementation of Cabotage in Nigeria.
4. Coastal shipping.
5. Inland Port Operation.
6. Navigation regulations.
7. Operation of Inland Ports and Terminals
8. The four Pillars of Nigerian Cabotage.
9. Offshore safety management.
10. Operation and management of coastal tankers.
11. Mother versus feeder ship operation.
12. Types of Cabotage operations.
13. Financing of Cabotage operations.
14. Safety management in coastal shipping.
15. studies.