3rd Quarter Training Programmes At a Glance

Course CodeCourse TitleDates & Venue Course Fee
3001 •Strategic Management Planning: Environment
•Scanning & Scenario Mapping
• Balanced Scorecard
July 1 – 13 ,London £3,800.00
3002Fraud Detection, Prevention & ControlJuly 2 – 16 ,London£3,800.00
3003 Building and Managing Treams: Strategies for SuccessJuly 2 – 16 ,London£3,800.00
3004Advanced Facilities & Infrastructural MaintenanceJuly 9 – 22 ,London £3,800.00
3005The Nigerian SERVICOM: Strategies for SuccessJuly 9 – 22 ,London£3,800.00
3006•Power, Oil and Gas Crisis Management
•Mining Technology Appreciation
•Health & Safety for Oil & Gas Operations
July 16 – 29 ,London£4,200.00
3007•Strategic Customer Service
•Dubai Leadership Summit
July 16 – 29 ,Dubai£3,800.00
3008 •Combating Computer Fraud
•SCADA Systems
July 23 -Aug 5 ,Dubai £3,800.00
3009•E-Learning Workshop
•Marketing Management Workshop
July 23 -Aug 5 ,Dubai£3,800.00
3010•Strategic Human Resource Management •Financial Reporting for Oil & Gas
•IT Security
Aug 5 – 18, London£4,200.00
3011•Budgetary Planning & Control
•Women in Management
Aug 5 – 18, London£4,200.00
3012•Financial Management
•Credit Risk Management
Aug 5 – 18, London £3,800.00
3013•Debt Recovery
•Risk Mgt. Oil & Gas
Aug 5 – 18, London£3,800.00
3014Training Needs Analysis WorkshopAug 5 – 18, London £3,800.00
3015•Managing Libraries: New Trends
•Well Testing Tech
Aug 20 – Sept. 2,London£3,800.00
3016Environmental Management: Treatment of WasteAug 20 – Sept. 2,London£3,800.00
3017•Strategic Management Planning for Aviation Industry
•Financial Reporting for Oil & Gas
•Pumps & Valve Technology
Aug 20 – Sept. 2,London£4,200.00
2018Effective Negotiation Skills CourseAug 20 – Sept. 2,London£3,800.00
3019Total Quality Management & Service DeliverySept. 10 – 23,London£3,800.00
3020Oil & Gas Policies & ManagementSept. 10 – 23,London £3,800.00
3021•Drilling Practices
•Well Planning & Design
Sept. 10 – 23,London £4,200.00
3022•Management of Health-Care Organisations
•Corporate Governance
Sept. 24 – Oct 7,Lausanne £3,800.00
3023Registry Management in GovernmentSept. 24 – Oct 7,S/Africa£3,800.00
3024Marketing for Hotel & Tourism OrganisationsSept. 10 – 23,S/Africa £3,800.00
3025•Guidance and Counseling Workshop
•Facility Management
•Project Monitoring & Evaluation
Sept. 10 – 23 , S/Africa
Sept. 10 – 23 , Ghana
3026Procurement Best PracticeSept. 17 – 30, London£3,800.00

You are welcome to The London Graduate School

The London Graduate School operates in the UK to provide distance, open, flexible, or work-based educational programmes that are unquestionably career-driven.


Strategically, the role of the London Graduate School shall cover the specific areas:

  1. Teaching and granting awards for Certificate and Diploma programmes of its own.
  2. Collaborating with other UK Colleges and Universities to deliver quality executive education and capacity building courses.
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Strategically, the role of the London Graduate School shall cover the specific areas:

  1. Collaborating with the Island Open University, the Commonwealth University, or any other University whether in the UK or elsewhere to deliver quality distance learning in London or from London to any part of the world.
  2. Serving as the London Learning Centre of the Island Open University and the Commonwealth University.
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Our Mission & Vision

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