Shipping and Ports Management Seminar

London Graduate School is in collaboration with Commonwealth University  cordially invites you to attend a special 3 Day Intensive Seminar, which has been packaged to stir-up and inspire top performance and creative thinking in experts, professionals and entrepreneurs in the shipping/marine industry.


This seminar consists of three main courses as follows:

  1. Shipping and International Trade Dynamics
  2. Shipping and Ports Operations
  3. Strategies For Tanker Freight Operations and Crude Oil Haulage

These courses will run concurrently and participants are free and welcome to select the course that they will like to attend.


                                                                       Seminar Theme:

               Excelling in Modern Shipping and International Trade through Strategic Positioning

               Venue: Rolla Residence Hotel (Opposite Imperial Suites Hotel), Rolla Street, Bur Dub

               Date: October 29-31, 2018. 9AM – 5PM Daily (Arrivals October 28)

                                                                          Seminar Fee: $4,000.00

Nomination to Receive Honorary Doctorate Degree

As part of the activities lined up to celebrate and challenge leaders like you, a selected number of distinguished personalities have been nominated to receive the Honorary Doctorate Degree of the Commonwealth University during this seminar. You are among the persons selected for this award. The award is in recognition of your success and achievements in the industry. It is also to position and showcase your good self as an excellent and enviable example that is worthy of emulation by other leaders in society.

Master Class Training

One of the things that make this seminar exceptionally different and unique is the fact that hands-on Expert Consultants, trained at some of the best universities in the UK, will lead the programme. The seminar promises to be like no other that you ever attended.


Certification for Participation

At the end of this seminar, you will receive Certificate of Professional Studies from the London Graduate School. This in turn qualifies you for the Fellowship of the Commonwealth Academy of Leadership and Management, UK.

Enroll Now

If this invitation is acceptable to you, please confirm your acceptance by sending us an email to or call our Director of Programmes on +447786776802.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.





Dubai Leadership Summit – October 2018

Dubai Leadership Submit – 2018

London Graduate School and Commonwealth University has organized this life changing leadership summit. This workshop was designed to bring leaders from all over the world to come share ideas and spark processes that will bring about dramatic growth in all directions of your life in the next ten years.

With an Alumni and Faculty in 52 countries (and still counting) we have collected a humble pack of effective wise practices that can spark and inspire change and growth in leadership, business, management and family life.

The London Graduate School and the Commonwealth University are strong on leadership and management coaching, teaching and research. 2018 Dubai Leadership Summit presents a golden opportunity for top leaders and managers to exchange ideas on how they can grow personal economies, their businesses and their communities.



Workshop Theme: 

THIS IS MY DECADE: The 15 Effective Strategies to Make My Next Ten Years Count in All-Round Dramatic Growth

Workshop Fees:

US$5,500 to cover course materials, lunch, snacks, Master Class Certificate in Leadership and Management, Intensive Seminar and coaching during the event

Date and Time:

October 29-31, 20189am – 5pm Daily (Arrivals October 28)


Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Al-Fahid Street (Opposite Dubai Museum) Bur Dubai


Part of the activities lined up to celebrate and challenge leaders who accept to attend and participate in this Dubai Leadership Summit is the award of Honorary Doctorate Degree of the Commonwealth University. Your invitation for this workshop is in recognition of your immense contributions to humanity. Hence, your nomination to receive this Honorary Doctorate Degree.


If this invitation to the workshop and the nomination for the award are acceptable to you, please send us an email to indicate your acceptance or call our Director of Programmes on +447786776802 to say so as soon as possible, so that we shall commence arrangements to ensure your smooth participation. Only those who will accept to attend the Leadership Workshop shall be eligible to receive the Honorary Doctorate Degree. We wish to request you to send your profile highlighting your contributions and achievements to assist the Planning Committee and Awards Committee.

Please take action now to secure your place on this Leadership and Skills Development Programme that is designed to spark a chain of activities that will bring about dramatic growth in all directions of your life. We are waiting for your email to begin a conversation with you that will lead to your smooth participation.


  • Setting an Agenda for the next 10 years
  • The 15 Laws of Growth by John Maxwell
  • The Central Purpose of My Life
  • The Central Purpose of My Organisation
  • The Vision of My Organisation
  • My Personal and Family Vision
  • The True Meaning of Success
  • How to Stay Focused and Stick to Your Plan of Growth
  • Successful Project Management
  • Growing Your Business Through Growing Your People
  • Digital Marketing And Your Growth
  • Growing Your Business Through Systems and Business Models
  • Wealth Education
  • The Importance of your Health ( 3 Sessions with an Expert Doctor )




Prof. Michael Addison Chancellor, Common Wealth University
Prof. David Iornem Director International Operations
Dr. Angelo Kehayas Associate Faculty
Engr. Edwin Okafor Adjunct Faculty
Prof. Dr. George Reiff Visiting Professor
Prof. Zach Gundu Visiting Professor



To confirm your acceptance to be a participant at Dubai Leadership Summit 2018:

Please send us an email at :

Or call our Director of Programmes on +447786776802