Admission Requirements

London Graduate School is a highly flexible institution with a variety of course programmes designed to accommodate adult learners of diverse backgrounds. The degrees taught by the London Graduate School are those of non-UK institutions. The following entry requirements generally would apply for the following respective courses:

Certificate of Competence and Certificate of Attainment
Any Person interested in the programme on offer who also has language competence in the language of presentation may be admitted. Programmes may be designed and offered in any language. This programme is designed to encourage lifelong learning.

2. Certificate of Professional Studies
Candidates should be employed in the required discipline of intended  specialisation. A working experience of three years will be an advantage.  Duration is 12 months of intensive study. Credit may be granted for Prior  Learning, in which case, the duration may be shortened.

3. Diploma Programmes
Candidates should be employed at the level of supervisor and above. Holders of Certificate of Professional Studies (or School Certificate plus 5 years on-the-job experience) shall be preferred. The duration is 24 months. Accreditation of Prior Learning may be applied for suitable candidates, thus shortening the duration. A further one year of study may lead to the award of the Advanced Diploma.

4. Bachelor Degrees
Candidates should be employed. Entry age is ideally 30 and above. This is a top-up programme suitable for holders of two-year University Diplomas in the specific discipline of intended specialization. In addition, the candidate must  produce a letter of authorisation to undertake a work based learning project in  his or her organization. The duration is 24 months.

5. Masters Degree
Candidates are required to be employed or self-employed. In addition, they should  hold a first degree or a recognized professional qualification of degree standing.  The duration  is 24 months. Accreditation of prior Learning may be granted  where a candidate shows evidence of having studied coursework units at a  comparative level. Where this is granted, the duration may be shortened.

6. Doctor of Philosophy
Candidates should be employed or self-employed. They should hold the Masters  Degree in their intended field of study. In addition, candidates shall submit  an approved Research Proposal on a workbased learning Practical Project.  The  duration is 36 months. Accreditation of Prior Learning is possible for the  coursework segment. Where  this is granted, the duration is reduced.

1. The duration stated in each case does not amount to a contract. When a student enrolls, he or she signs a Learning Agreement specifying the scope of learning experiences that will be exhaustively undertaken before graduation. The time periods indicated above are only indicative as most students will work at their own pace with some taking far longer study periods than those stated.

2.Certificate and Diploma awards are those of the London Graduate school but the degrees awarded are those of non-UK Universities.